[SET] Mystic Messenger 6+1 FREE Charm + Poster + Postcard

If you want to see the other sides of the charms please check the items in the store!

The charms come with a cute star or heart charm and a golden keychain.
Size is around 2,5" // 6,5 cm and is double sided!

I don't own the character(s).
Mystic Messenger is owned by Cheritz.

By buying this product you support the Artist by reaching her goal
to buy the pillows she needs to fall asleep.
She will support Cheritz buy buying these pillows too!
Help her fall asleep normally! Buy it now!

In case you already have the poster and/or postcard,
you can also choose another poster and/or another print. =v=b

>>Please purchase this product on qiseki.tictail.com
And not at the marketplace shop!   Thank you! :) !
39 EUR 29.25 EUR